Pointe/Toe Shoes

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This week we’re going to talk about pointe or toe shoes.


When you are old enough and strong enough, your ballet teacher may allow you to dance en pointe.

I can’t wait!  I want to dance on my toes like a prima ballerina.

Here is a picture of a lady on toe (pointe) shoes:



Doesn’t she look beautiful? 


 Here is a picture of the first ballerina to wear toe shoes when she danced:

Her name was Maria Taglioni and she lived a long, long time ago.


Here’s a video of a woman dancing on toe shoes in a competition:


I practice ballet every day so I can dance like the lady on the video some day.



Have your mom or dad print out this picture for you so you can color it:




Please come back next week.  We are going to talk about ballet barres.







Ballet Slippers



Hi! It’s MilliMouse again.


I’m glad you came back to visit me.


Today we’re going to talk about ballet slippers.

Just about everybody who takes ballet classes wears slippers — even boys.

They all look pretty much the same just different colors or sizes.

(My brother has reeeeally big feet!)


Here’s what ballet slippers look like.

We sew elastic on our slippers so they don’t fall off while we’re dancing. 

Here’s a place where your mom can find out how to sew the elastic on for you:




Here’s a video for you.  It’s children dancing Snow White.  Hope you like it. 



Ask your mom or dad to help you print out this picture so you can color it:



Next week we’ll talk about pointe shoes.

I hope you’ll come back.





Ballet Attire for Boys and Girls

(My picture by Mr. Dan Gross)

Welcome back to my blog!


Today we’re going to talk about what boys and girls wear in dance class.


This is what boys wear:


(boys – like my brother, Mortimer – wear t-shirts and tights


This is what I wear in class:

 Big girls and little girls wear a leotard and tights.


Here is another video for you to watch.  Ask  your mom or dad to watch it with you.



Here is another picture for you to color.  These girls are taking a ballet class:



Next week, we’re going to talk about ballet slippers.  I hope you can come back.





What is a tutu?

Hello! Welcome back to Millicent Mouse’s blog.

(Mr. Dan Gross painted my picture. I think it’s a good picture)

Today, we’re going to talk about tutus.

Below is a picture of a ballet student wearing a tutu:

Tutus are worn for special occasions like a recital.  Ballet students usually don’t wear them just for class.


This is a video of a dance class.  I hope you like it.

Here is a picture of a little girl at the barre for you to color.  Click here and have your mom help you to print it out so you can color it:


Dance class is really fun!  You should try it.

Next week we’ll talk about leotards and what girls and boys wear in class.

See you next week.