More Pliés to Practice!


Hi!  Welcome to my blog.

In case you missed it before, below is a definition of the ballet exercise called “pliés” from Vance’s Ballet Dictionary.

plié [“bent”]. Knee bends, done with the legs turned out. Normally the first exercise in a ballet class. Demi-plié [“half-bent”] is a shallow bend (in all positions but second, as far down as you can go without lifting the heels off the floor); grand plié [“big plié”] is a deep bend, down to where the thighs are almost horizontal. In all positions except second, the heels release from the floor in a grand plié.

I found another video showing pliés as practiced in the middle of the room (au milieu).

After I practice my pliés, I’m going to color the picture below:


Ask your mom or dad to help you print out the picture so you can color it.
Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you.”
I hope you’ll come back next week to practice more ballet with me.
See you then!

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Here’s an article about ballet for mom and dad:  :

Interesting summer reading for young dancers:  Click on the either of the covers below to find out more about the books and to buy.




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