Let’s Practice Pirouettes!


Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.

Today we’re going to practice a ballet step called a pirouette.

Pirouettes are used often in choreography so it is good if we know how to perform one properly.

Below is the definition of “choreography”:

“The composition of dance steps and sequences for ballet and stage dancing.”

This definition of a pirouette is from Vance’s Ballet Dictionary...

“A complete turn on one leg. The dancer usually goes round more than once. The raised leg is most commonly held in rétiré, but pirouettes with the leg in other positions are not uncommon. If the direction of the turn rotates the raised leg away from the front of the body, the pirouette is en dehors; if it rotates the leg toward the front, it is en dedans. The dancer spots (see “spotting”) in order to avoid becoming disoriented. Pirouettes are usually fast, but supported pirouettes, in which a partner steadies the soloist, may be done very slowly.”

Here is a video showing how to do a pirouette properly.  Please click on the link below to open your video.


After I practice my pirouettes, I’m going to color the picture below:


Ask your mom or dad if you can color the picture.  You might need help printing it out.  Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you.”

I hope you’ll come back next week when we’ll talk more about ballet.

See you then.

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Please visit my website.  You will find a couple books about the history of ballet that you might like to read by yourself or with your mom or dad.




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