Back to the Barre!


Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.

If you’ve visited my blog before, you probably have already practiced some exercises at the barre.

If not, you’ll learn something else about ballet that you didn’t know before.

Here is the definition of the word “barre” from Vance’s Ballet Dictionary.

“The railing, about waist high, along the wall of a studio. Used by dancers as for steadying themselves in the first part of a class. 2. The first part of ballet class, consisting of exercises done with the aid of the barre.”

I found a video containing a lesson on ballet barre work.  You can just watch it or practice along with the girl in the video.

After I practice the ballet movements in the video, I’m going to color the picture below:


You may need help to print out the picture so you can color it.  Ask your mom or dad to help you and don’t forget to say “please” or “thank you.”

I hope you’ll come back next week so we can learn more ballet together.

See you then!

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Ballet article for mom and dad:

Please visit this website to find books about ballet history.



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