Do You Know What a Retiré Is?


Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.

Today we’re going to learn about the ballet step called “retiré”.


Below is the definition of this step from Vance’s Ballet Dictionary:

“A position in which the working foot is drawn up to the knee of the supporting leg. Also frequently (and incorrectly) called passé.”

I found a video of a ballet instructor teaching how to do a retiré.

Watch it a couple times and try to do what the student on the video is doing.

Please click on the link to see this video:

After I practice the retiré, I’m going to color the ballet picture below.

Maybe you can, too but ask your mom or dad first.

ballet child

I hope you will come back next week when we’ll talk about more ballet steps.

See you then!




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Dance article for mom and dad:

Dance history books (ebooks) are available on my website.




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