What is a Soubresaut?

Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.

It’s nice to see you again.

Today we’re going to talk about the ballet step called “soubresaut”.

This is not a step that we will learn when we first start taking ballet but I like to look ahead and imagine myself performing more advanced steps.

Below is the definition from Vance’s Ballet Dictionary.

“A jump from both feet to both feet. Beginning in 5th croisé, the feet push off the floor so that the body flies forward with feet pointed and legs together. Before the jump, the body inclines forward, and then during the jump bends forcefully back, so that the legs remain at the back. The movement ends in 5th croisé. The arms are free and depend only on the design of what is being sought after; when studying, they usually begin in preparatory, come up to first during the jump, and end in preparatory again.”

Here is a drawing of the proper execution of the soubresaut:


I found a video showing how to go about learning the proper performance of a soubresaut.  Please click on the link below to open the video lesson.


I’m going to sit on the floor and practice putting my legs close together and positioning my feet so that I look like I have one foot but two heels.  Hmmm.

Below is a ballet picture to color.  Please click on the link below to open the picture.


Ask your mom or dad to print it out for you.  I know you remembered to say “please” and “thank you”.

I hope you’ll come back next week  when we’ll learn about another new ballet step.

See you then!

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