Let’s Practice Chaîné Turns!

Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.


It’s so nice to see you again.


Today, we’re going to practice chaîné turns.


Here’s the definition of these turns from Vance’s Fantastic BALLET DICTIONARY:


“chaîné turns. Short for tours chaînées déboulés, “chained, rolling turns.” Fast turns on half or full point with the legs in a tight first position, rotating a half turn on one foot and the other half on the other foot. Done one after the other so they’re “chained” together.”


Here’s a video of a dancer demonstrating a series of chaîné turns.

(Mom or dad, there is an ad for a movie rated R before the ballet video begins.  Please check it out before your child turns on the video)





Now, you try it.  Make sure you have plenty of room so you don’t run into anything or trip.


After you’ve practiced your chaîné turns, below is a picture for you to color: 



Please come back next week.  We’ll learn some more ballet terms and steps.

See you then.

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