What Does “Ballon” Mean?

Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.


Today we’re going to learn about the ballet term “ballon” (bah-lahn).

Ballon is when dancers jump so high in the air and stay there so long that they appear to be flying.


Below is a video of a young dancer learning how to do a grand jete.  The more she practices, the higher her jump will be and the more “ballon” she will be able to achieve.



I found a picture of a famous male ballet dancer.  His name is Mikhail Baryshnikov.


Now that’s ballon! 


I’m coloring a dance picture today.


Here’s a copy for you to color, too. 


 Ask your mom or dad to print out the picture for you.  Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you”.


I’m going to go practice some jumps now.


I hope you’ll come back next week.  See you then!






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