Let’s Review the Frappé


Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.


Today, we’re going to review the ballet step called “frappé” .

A frappé is a quick action with the working leg.


Below is a picture of a dancer performing a frappé :

An easy way to try it is to start in first position.

  Brush your foot quickly out to the side (to second position).

  Then, return your foot to your ankle and then brush your foot out again very fast and then return your foot to your ankle.

Below is a video showing a ballerina doing a frappé  slowly so you can see each part of the step:



Now, you try it.

Good job!


I found another picture for you to color. 

Ask your mom or dad to print it out for you if you have finished practicing your frappé



Did you remember to say “please” and “thank you”?


See you next week.  Don’t forget to practice the frappé  and all the other ballet steps, too!






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