Let’s Practice Tendues

Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.

Today we’re going to review the lesson we learned before about the ballet step called “tendue”.

Tendue  is a ballet step in which the toe is pointed and the leg is fully extended out to the front, the side or the back.

Below is a picture of some young dancers performing a tendue:

Now, you try it.  Can you tell me which position they are in?

If you said “second position”, you are correct and you get a gold star!

Here is a video of the snowflake dance from The Nutcracker.  These dancers are grown-ups and they are professional dancers.  I sure hope I can dance like they do someday (sigh!).

I found another picture for you to color.  Ask your mom or dad to print it out for you and don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you”.

I’m going to go practice my tendue.  See you next week.





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