Let’s Do a Frappé

Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.


Today we’re going to learn about a ballet step called a “frappé”.


The word “frappé” means to “hit” or “strike”.   The working foot strikes the floor or hits against your other leg.

It’s hard to imagine what that movement would look like so I found a video for you to watch.  This student is practicing a frappé: 


Try it yourself.  I know you can do it.

Don’t forget to hang on to the back of a chair so you don’t fall down.  And…be sure to lift your leg up high enough so you don’t stub your toe on the floor. 
That would really hurt!


Below is a picture for you to color.  Ask your mom or dad to print it out for you.  Don’t forget to say “thank you”.


Next week we’re going to learn about the ballet step called “glissade”.

I hope you’ll come back.   Don’t forget to practice your ballet steps this week. 

 Remember, the more you practice, the better dancer you’re going to be.





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