Fourth Position in Ballet

Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.

We’re going to talk about the fourth position for arms and feet today.

Here’s a picture of a girl holding her arms in the fourth position:


Here is what your feet should look like when you are in fourth position.  Try it.  I’m sure you can do it.



I picked out a video for you to watch.  I hope you like it.


These are boys and girls who live in Cambodia.  They are learning ballet for the first time.

I didn’t know where Cambodia is so I had to look it up on a world map:

Cambodia is the light colored part of the map.  Children like us take ballet in just about every country in the world.  Cool, hunh?


Here’s a picture for you to color.  Ask your mom or dad to print it out for you.  Don’t forget to say “thank you”.


Oops!  It’s time for class.  I have to put on my leotard and tights.

‘Bye.  See you next week.  We’ll talk about the fifth ballet position for arms and feet then.




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