Second Position in Ballet


(this is my picture drawn by Mr. Dan Gross)


Hi!  Welcome back to my blog.


Today we’re going to talk about the second position for arms and feet.


Here is a girl standing in second position:

Her arms are in second position, too.  See how they’re stretched out to the side?

She has toe shoes on, did you notice?  I can’t wait until I can dance en pointe!

Here’s a video of children trying out to perform with the London Children’s Ballet Company.  I think I would be really scared but it would be fun to dance in front of so many people.


Here’s a picture of little ballet dancers holding their arms in second position.  Do you know what position their feet are in?  Scroll down to last week’s post to find out.

I found another picture for you to color.  Ask your mom or dad to print it out for you.  And don’t forget to say “thank you”.


Wow, she can jump so high!


Please come back next week.  We are going to talk some more about the foot and arm positions in ballet.





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