What is a Plie?


Welcome back to my blog!

 Today we are going to learn about plies (pleeays).

Plie” means to bend your knees.

Dancers warm up their muscles with plies at the barre.


This lady is doing a demi-plie.  See how her knees are bent just a little bit?

This lady is practicing a grande plie in 2nd position. Her knees are bent all the way:


Here is a video for you to watch.  The ballet teacher explains the “demi plie” and the “grande plie”.


Here is a ballet picture for you to color.  Ask your mom or dad to print out the picture for you.

(Don’t forget to say “thank you”.)

Next week we’re going to talk about foot and arm positions in ballet.

I hope you’ll come back.




One thought on “What is a Plie?

  1. Hi. I have been following your blog and noticed you linked “How To Do A Grand Battement” to my blog, “Mysylph. I was wondering if you had done anything on the Grand Plie-I would like to use a link to that if you have one. Thanks,

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