Pointe/Toe Shoes

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This week we’re going to talk about pointe or toe shoes.


When you are old enough and strong enough, your ballet teacher may allow you to dance en pointe.

I can’t wait!  I want to dance on my toes like a prima ballerina.

Here is a picture of a lady on toe (pointe) shoes:



Doesn’t she look beautiful? 


 Here is a picture of the first ballerina to wear toe shoes when she danced:

Her name was Maria Taglioni and she lived a long, long time ago.


Here’s a video of a woman dancing on toe shoes in a competition:


I practice ballet every day so I can dance like the lady on the video some day.



Have your mom or dad print out this picture for you so you can color it:




Please come back next week.  We are going to talk about ballet barres.







2 thoughts on “Pointe/Toe Shoes

  1. Prima Ballerina’s are so lovely! I especially love to see them in beautiful white classical tutus and ballet-pink pointe shoes.:)

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