What is a tutu?

Hello! Welcome back to Millicent Mouse’s blog.

(Mr. Dan Gross painted my picture. I think it’s a good picture)

Today, we’re going to talk about tutus.

Below is a picture of a ballet student wearing a tutu:

Tutus are worn for special occasions like a recital.  Ballet students usually don’t wear them just for class.


This is a video of a dance class.  I hope you like it.

Here is a picture of a little girl at the barre for you to color.  Click here and have your mom help you to print it out so you can color it:


Dance class is really fun!  You should try it.

Next week we’ll talk about leotards and what girls and boys wear in class.

See you next week.




Hi! My name is Millicent


My name is Millicent.

This is my blog.

It is all about ballet.


I hope you will read it or ask your mom or dad to read it to you.

I live in a house in a grassy meadow with my mom and dad and brother, Mortimer.

This is a picture of my house:

My brother and I take ballet classes at Madame Souris’ Academy of Dance.

Here is a picture of the school and our teacher:

Next week we will talk about what a “tutu” is.

See you then.



(All illustrations courtesy of professional artist, Dan Gross)